Douchebag Workout 2

How to play game Douchebag Workout

Try the virtual life of a skinny guy and make him the greatest strongman in Douchebag Workout. You will have to exercise, eat special diet and take illegal supplements. Enjoy!

Play Douchebag Workout, to increase your mass, you need to take easy and hard exercises and workout pretty hard. That also gives you more Self Esteem and higher chance to get the ladies. Also, you have to complete this component to get tattoos from the tattoo artist. To train more easy, faster and longer, you can buy a different sort of protein shakes from the cashier in the first room.

Douchebag workout 2

Level 2 requires from you to use your mobile and make sure that, your outfit will be matched with your self esteem and body style. For that, you have so many t-shirt and pants to buy with your mobile menu and all of them have awesome and cool design, because this game is made with amazing graphics and texture.

Level 3 is a most easy part in Douchebag Workout 2, because to complete this objective and be more popular, you just need to use your mobile, where you can update your status and after every change in your outfits and body size, you can get more friends on Facebook too and by adding them, you get the more percent in Popularity stat.

The Pyrozen developers have made a whole new game and it's a better possibility to have fun then the previous first version of this game. So, your objective is simple and awesome. You need to be more attractive and hotter, but for this, you have to be bigger and for that, you have so many things to do, like there are tattoo artist and other stuff.
At the beginning, you have a few tasks to do:
First, you need to enter a gym and buy a membership, which gives you access to get in other workout rooms.
Then, you have to gain more mass than you have, for that, you need to workout hard and be bigger. This mission requires from you to use all workout machines in the gym.
After that, your task is more important, because your visual is key to be more awesome, so you need to take care of your face skin and hair style. To do so, you have hair stylist Jennifer in the last room, who help you to shave and also there is Turbo tuning machine to use.


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Douchebag Workout 3

Douchebag workout 3 is the third version of Douchebag workout. The three versions of Douchebag workout are the series of games which is about health care and gymnastics.
If you want a game that is a non – fighting, non – violence game and you can play it all day. There is no better choice than Douchebag workout.

Click here to play Douchebag Workout 3


Because Douchebag workout 3 is the upgraded version of Douchebag workout, so, of course it has many outstanding features. Therefore, it is very attractive.

The main character in the game is a poor skinny man who wants to be stronger, more handsome and fashionable. In the game, you play as him and your mission is to make his dream come true.

You have to use your mouse to do everything in the game. When at the gymnasium, you have to use your mouse to make him do the gym. Click and hold the left mouse or tap on the screen many times to help that man do the gym. After you fishing each exercise, the game will accumulate your skill. When your accumulated score are high enough, you will be given rewards. It is like up level in other games.


Playing this game may be the motivation for you to start doing the gym or play a sport. As you know, it is very good for your health. Your character in the game will gradually become strong, sexy, fashionable, so why are you always be so thin, so weak? The game will motivate you to go to the real gymnasium and start your training to renew yourself, not the man in the game. The first step is the same with the game, becoming a member. Then, your character in the game and you in real life will do the gym together.


In the introduction of the game, there is a sexy girl that everyman likes, but she just hook up with strong, sexy man. If you want to date with girls like that, it seems like impossible. Now, you reform yourself, get a lot of muscles, become strong, the girls like that will fall for you immediately.
And now, do you have enough motivation to start play is Douchebag workout 3?


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Ultimate Douchebag Workout

The reason why the name Ultimate douchebag workout exists is very simple, the gameDouchebag workout is ultimate. It is a very easy game to play, the rule is very simple, but it has many players. So, why such a simple game can attract so many players? Let me show you the reason.
Douchebag workout is a game about health care and gymnastics. You play as a skinny guy, who wants to renew himself.

Click here to play Ultimate Douchebag Workout


The guy in the game wants to be stronger, to be able to stand out in crowds. In the game, you have to fulfill his dream.
In the beginning, there are three things to do: workout, shopping and food. You have to make him work out by using mouse or keyboard. There are many kinds of exercises which are good for each part of the body such as arms, chest, stomach, heart and so on. What you have to do is to choose a suitable exercise for him to do. This part of the game can also help you in real life because it shows you what kind of exercise is suitable for what part of your body, which helps a lot when you do the gym yourself.


Next, food plays a very important role in our lives. All you must do is to give him healthy food. He must eat food that is good for his heart and good for his practicing everyday like that. This will widen your knowledge of nutrition. In real life you should eat healthy food too, not only your character in the game.


In addition, you have to go shopping with him. There are lots of things for you to do in the shopping center. You have to choose his hair style, as you know, the hair style is very important to your image. Furthermore, there are many things that relate to fashion such as what color the T-shirt is, what sunglasses he should buy, how the shoes are to fit the T-shirt or the pants and so on. You have to decide all of them. After playing this game maybe yourself are more fashionable.


That is the reason why such an easy game can attract so many players. Not only in the game,Ultimate douchebag workout can help you a lot in real life. It can widen your knowledge of nutrition, gymnastics, or maybe it makes you become more fashionable someday. Why don’t you try it now to see whether it can change you or not?

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